Welcome! I’m Irina Ciureanu, a psychologist and psychotherapist. I’m here to guide you with empathy, curiosity, and gentleness on your journey to emotional healing.

A meaningful and joyful life begins with a profound understanding of personal needs and values.

I believe that only when we truly understand what is important to us can we cultivate harmonious intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. I arrived at this realization at various key moments in my life, transitioning from the role of an organizational psychologist to a psychotherapist.

This journey also involved being an active client in psychotherapy and, ultimately, an individual who embarked on a profound inner exploration to discover her true purpose.

Today, my confidence as a therapist dedicated to the healing of my clients is rooted in the AEDP training I received at the Institute in New York. AEDP is a modern therapy grounded in neuroscience and attachment theory. I take pride in being one of the few Romanian therapists practicing AEDP and am thrilled to contribute to its practice in our country.

From Computer Science to Psychology

In my childhood, I aspired to become a ballerina :), and during adolescence, I attended the Computer Science High School in Bucharest. 

Always captivated by a deep understanding of people and their inner motivations, in 2000, I enrolled in the Faculty of Psychology. This somewhat intuitive choice at the time brought me closer to becoming the person and psychotherapist I am today.

Over the following years, I navigated through roles as an organizational psychologist and human resources manager. These experiences provided me with the opportunity and joy of being among people, actively listening, connecting with their needs, and discovering their stories.

Concurrently, alongside my professional activities, I continued to specialize in multiple psychotherapeutic trainings and acquired various certifications from renowned schools in Romania, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Following My Heart's Mission

Throughout these 15 years, I’ve chosen to heed my inner calling: guiding people, both in the role of a psychotherapist and on their inner journeys of emotional transformation.

I don’t subscribe to standard recipes or miracle cures, but rest assured, I will be by your side with empathy and gentleness. However, I firmly believe in a holistic, scientifically validated approach where the mind and body are interconnected. I practice integrative therapy, aiming for transformation and psycho-emotional health. I blend short-term therapies with long-term ones and personalize each therapeutic process based on the needs of each person who opens up and trusts me to begin and continue their inner journey.

Whether you’re currently contemplating how to strike a balance between personal and professional life, feeling overwhelmed by numerous daily responsibilities, considering a career change, seeking emotional management, or wanting to cultivate functional relationships, I am here to listen attentively and curiously. I am here to guide you toward understanding your deep needs, essential for living the life you desire—a life that brings you meaning and joy.

Having said that, I realize I haven’t yet shared one of the most important aspects of who I am. Spirituality holds a profound place in my life, as I am a firm believer in God, adhering to the Orthodox Christian faith. It’s a cornerstone of my values and shapes the way I approach both my personal and professional endeavors. Spirituality grounds me, reminding me of the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of living a life aligned with my deepest values and beliefs.

I wish you well, encouraging you to listen to both your body and mind equally. 💙