I am Irina Ciureanu, a psychologist, and psychotherapist.

I am here to guide you with empathy, curiosity, and gentleness on your journey of emotional healing.

Irina Ciureanu
In the past 15 years, I have acquired diverse training and specializations in psychology and psychotherapy, deepening my understanding of the personal and professional challenges individuals face in the 21st century

I specialize in empowering individuals  navigating challenges such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues and trauma. Utilizing the targeted methods of AEDP Psychotherapy I guide clients toward transformative healing, assisting them in overcoming emotional distress and cultivating resilience for a brighter flourishing future. 


Transactional Analysis


Trauma Informed Therapy

Clinical Hypnosis

 Welcome to the “Healing Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression through AEDP Therapy” Community.

This space is curated especially for individuals interested in psychology and psychotherapy, particularly the AEDP psychotherapy model.



What clients say about me:

"Irina is exactly the 5th therapist I've been to; I searched a lot for a warm, intelligent therapist who knows what they're doing. I'm glad I found her".
Daniela M.
"If I feel better today, it's because I met Irina, who had the patience and courage to work with me! Whenever I struggled, I remembered her words: you are not alone, I am here with you".
Janina P.
"After looking for professional help for my anxiety and depression for many years, I finally found in Irina Ciureanu a psychotherapist who makes me feel safe and heard. Her treatment has helped me process past traumatic experiences, reduce anxiety, handle overwhelming situations better, and she has given great tips & tricks to handle daily life. I am grateful for her calm and sincere approach.”
Karin O.