Education and Training

Education and Training

I graduated from the University of Psychology in Bucharest, Romania, with a major in Psychology.

Afterward, I pursued two Master’s degrees — the first in Human Resources, aligning with my initial career focus, and the second in Psychological Trauma.

As a licensed psychotherapist in Romania, Europe, I hold the right to practice and am committed to continuous education and training. 

I believe in staying updated with the latest models and scientific discoveries to provide the best support to my clients. 

Among the various therapeutic models I’ve been trained in, AEDP therapy is where I consider my professional home.

My competencies include:
AEDP (US) – Level 3 therapist
EMDR (Europe) – Level 1
Certification in Trauma Therapy – from Manchester Psychotherapy Foundation, UK
Transactional Analysis – advanced training in Romania and UK
Clinical Hypnosis and Ericksonian Therapy – specialist certified level, Romania, Bucharest
Somatic Experiencing® Romania – currently in training

I am dedicated to offering my clients the most effective and contemporary therapeutic approaches for their well-being and personal growth.

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